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Short-term Health Insurance

As recently seen, life can be unpredictable. Sometimes individuals and their families are faced with transition periods that might leave them unprepared for a medical event. For times like that, short-term health insurance can be the family insurance bridge that connects what’s happened and what’s ahead and can provide the peace of mind needed to get you back to what really matters – enjoying life.

Benefits of Short-Term Health Insurance

  • Perfect for those who might be in a healthcare waiting period — waiting for coverage to start at a new job, in between jobs, missed Open Enrollment, waiting for your Affordable Care Act (ACA) coverage to begin, just recently rolled off your parents’ insurance plan, etc.
  • It’s your coverage, you choose the deductible and length of coverage that works for you!
  • Flexibility – if you find a better and more long-term health insurance solution that better fits your needs, that’s great! There’s no penalty if you cancel your short-term health coverage. 
  • Individuals who apply for short-term health insurance can often get covered quickly — sometimes the day after application. 
  • Choose from a large network of providers, hospitals, and other facilities when you or your family members are in need of coverage.
  • Budget-friendly medical costs all for more financial freedom and are usually lower than with traditional ACA plans.

More on Short-Term Health Insurance

When you go to apply for short-term health insurance, be prepared to answer a few medical-related questions for you and your family. This temporary coverage is not guaranteed to be issued and pre-existing conditions could impact you and your family’s ability to qualify.

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