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Indemnity Health Insurance

If you and your family are currently covered by an ACA plan, it’s possible you are paying high deductibles and premiums that are taking a toll on your finances. Even if you qualified for a subsidy (discount via a tax break), you could still be overpaying for coverage that could keep you and your family from getting the medical care needed. With indemnity health insurance, you and your family could be choosing healthcare decisions that make the most sense for your unique situation — like what providers or specialists to see.

Benefits of Indemnity Health Insurance

  • Indemnity health insurance plans are permanent until age 65.
  • Individuals and families who are covered by indemnity health insurance get the flexibility to choose the physicians or providers they want and can avoid specialist referrals that traditional insurance plans require.
  • Designating a primary care physician is not needed for indemnity health insurance plans.
  • If you or a family member are diagnosed with a serious illness or cancer, your coverage will not be canceled.
  • Deductibles only kick in if you are admitted to the hospital for a more serious illness or injury.

More on Indemnity Medical Coverage

You may be required to pay a deductible at the beginning of your coverage. Once paid, any medical services are typically paid out as a set percentage of the service charge.

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